About Us

Ridgemont Homes understands the difference between a house and a home. A house is simply a structure. A home is something more specific. A home is unique to the family that lives in it. A home has meaning, an emotional resonance that can’t be measured.

The Ridgemont Homes philosophy is simple: build extraordinary homes that are functional, architecturally sound, and beautifully designed. We realize having a custom home is more than just an achievement; it’s an investment in your family, your love, and your future.

We want your home to be personal, that’s why no two Ridgemont homes are the same. We scrutinize every single detail because those are the things that make your house a home that’s specific to you. Having a Ridgemont home means having one of the finest homes in your community, built just for you by a team dedicated to serving your unique needs.

The Ridgemont difference is in our understanding of both the science and the art of home building. With over 25 years of experience in building homes, Kevin Dattilo still considers himself a student of the craft. Because of this, Ridgemont home designs are always on the cutting edge. Kevin’s designs have won multiple awards, including the Professional Builder Design Award (Gold).

Today, Ridgemont Homes has established a reputation as a premier builder in Williamson County and the Nashville infill markets of 12 South, East Nashville, and Belle Meade. Our attention to detail and quality of design are second to none.

We know building a custom home is much more meaningful than simply building a house. We hope you’ll choose Ridgemont Homes to build the custom home of your dreams.