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Interior - Kitchen

Most of our homes are custom designed for each homebuyer; therefore, no two plans are alike. Our photo galleries are designed to give you an idea of the premium level of quality and design that goes into each and every Ridgemont home. 

While every Ridgemont home is different, there are a few features that we consider standard when it comes to building homes that exceed expectation. Things like granite in every bathroom, wood closet shelves, tankless

water heaters, site-finished wood floors, high-grade stainless steel appliances, and free standing tubs in the master bath.

We also try to incorporate several stand-out features in every home we build: back-lit mirrors, barn doors, pallet walls, rain can showers, hidden doors, walk around showers, walk-in pantry cabinets, furniture vanities, etc.

Our photo and video galleries are a testament to the pride we take in building unique, architecturally beautiful homes. We spend ample time scrutinizing the details in the building process to ultimately provide a home that is of better design, higher quality, and serves the needs of our homebuyers. If you’re looking for something different in the Nashville area, Ridgemont Homes is it.

We invite you to browse our photo galleries to get an idea of what Ridgemont Homes can accomplish for you. If you have any questions about a design element you see in one of our photos, feel free to contact us at 615-905-5165.